My Shopping Frenzy shopping like there is no tomorrow Tue, 24 Apr 2018 13:56:34 -0500 en-US hourly 1 Large Rabbit Cages: Comparisons And Advice Thu, 19 Apr 2018 10:25:03 +0000 Read More »]]> For those who own pet rabbits, determining the right type of cage is important. Sometimes, this aspect is overlooked. Some people thought that the cage the rabbits live in doesn’t really matter but little do we know how it is a huge contributor to the overall growth of the rabbit itself. One advice is that rabbits ought to live in big cages—yes, even when they are still small—because they grow up so fast! Buying a small cage will not be a wise thing to do because it will only force the pet owner to buy another suitable cage. Also, avoid the chicken wire flooring for the cage because this will hurt the rabbit’s feet. Be very particular with this one because the recommended type is the smooth one, good enough for the rabbit’s fragile feet.

There are various companies to purchase from and the large rabbit cages comparison will help in determining the right perfect cage for your rabbit. Remember that it is better to buy the quality products than the cheap, substandard ones because pets deserve to be well taken care of; they are family.

The Large Rabbit Cages

Those companies who make great large rabbit cages have models that are more advantageous over the other and at the end of the day, the best is determined by the consumer. With that, here are comparisons of great rabbit cages.

  • Living World Deluxe Habitat versus Kaytee My First Home Rabbit 2-Level Cage with Caster Wheels
    Both models are spacious and the materials used are great quality. However, the big difference here is the size. Specifically, the first option can house about two small bunnies and one adult-sized. On the other hand, the latter option can house two adult-sized bunnies or three dwarf-sized bunnies. In terms of style, both look sleek although the Kaytee model has its mini playground with a slide.
  • Living World Deluxe Habitat XL versus FerplastKrolik 140 Plus Rabbit Cage
    The large rabbit cages comparison that can be seen with these two models is that the latter option has a little home at the side. On the other hand, the first option is more open, making it easier to clean the cage when necessary. The latter option also has more room as compared to the other.
Can Only Celebrities Afford A 3 Carat Diamond Ring? Sat, 07 Apr 2018 15:41:33 +0000 Read More »]]> An engagement will never be complete without an engagement ring. It is considered as the start of every engagement. It can make the woman it is given wit cry and it can break them to their core. It can make people, wow and it can make hearts beat faster. However, there are also some who are far more skeptical about the concept of an engagement/ wedding ring because a lot would think that it is expensive and pricey, especially 3 ct diamond ring. A lot of people would think that only celebrities can buy one.

The question whether a 3-carat diamond ring can only be afforded by celebrities is the main question

here. True enough, a 3 ct diamond ring can be pricey and it is not something that you wanted to simply by out of whims and caprices. It requires a lot of time for decision making. Hence, the answer is that even an ordinary person can afford a 3-carat diamond as long as they are familiar with what they are buying. Here is the guide to buying your 3-carat diamond ring like a celebrity.

Certified is always Good

Buying only graded diamonds graded only by AGS or GIA is one of the essential in the diamond market. Especially that a lot of unsuspecting buyers get scammed by jewelers because of misrepresentation.

Look for Cut of Diamonds

One of the primary factors that determine the ephemeral beauty of the diamond is its cut. A lot of people think that it is clarity or color but it is not. A lot of buyers have the wrong notion; most of them will often aim for clarity or color rather than the cut.

Now that you have this basic concept of buying a diamond, the best option you can have then is to buy it online. Yes, buying online can help you save a dollar. Now there you go with your 3-carat diamond ring. Not only celebrities can afford one but also you.

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